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Education Program


This program is no longer available. If you are interested in education programs at Stanford Graduate School of Business, please learn more about Stanford GSB Executive Education.

Silicon Valley and other world-leading high technology regions are innovative, entrepreneurial, flexible, dynamic, and resilient. They continually re-create their leading edge by generating new technologies and business models, spawning new companies, adjusting to new conditions, leveraging global networks, and exploiting emerging opportunities. The current global economic crisis has made both innovation and entrepreneurship even more critical to achieving short-term advantage and long-term sustainability. This program explores what leaders in successful high-tech regions around the world do to foster innovation and entrepreneurship and become engines for economic growth.

Course of Study
“Leading Innovative and Entrepreneurial Firms and Regions in the Global Economy” is a tailor-made training program at SPRIE, Stanford University offered by an interdisciplinary team of experts comprised of Stanford University faculty, Silicon Valley thought leaders, and other regional decisionmakers. Participants in this program are expected to acquire the broad framework, integrated knowledge, global perspective, best practices, and practical strategies to be more effective leaders in high technology regions.

Through lectures, classroom discussions, case studies, hands-on exercises, small study groups, panel sessions, and site visits to key companies and institutions, participants are immersed in an intensive experience with accomplished peers from around the world at Stanford University in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The SPRIE Education Program is designed for an elite group of leaders who play key roles for development within their region as well as for their region internationally. SPRIE at Stanford University work with partners to select delegations from developed and emerging high technology regions, including but not limited to regions in Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe.